I am conveniently located in Northeast Portland, near I-84 and NE 122nd
Phone 971-506-8430
Oregon Licence #13629
All rates are for actual hands-on time!

Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep-Tissue, and Pregnancy Massage:
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Hot Stone Massage: Contact me for rates by phone, text message, or email.

Availability: Sunday, Monday, alternate Saturdays, occasional Thursday mornings... off every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Swedish and Deep Tissue are what most of us think of as typical massage therapy. Pressure can vary from light to very firm. Stretching and joint mobility techniques are used when appropriate.
Shiatsu, meaning "to calm with the hands" or "to make peaceful by touching", is designed to relax the mind and leave the receiver feeling alert, refreshed and invigorated. It has an amazing effect on pain reduction, balancing the body's energy flow, relaxation, and encouraging healthy sleep patterns. Shiatsu uses techniques of compression, rocking, stretching, mobility, pressure points, and percussion. Shiatsu is oil free and can be performed fully clothed.
Hot Stones have been used for thousands of years in healing practices. Since stones are of the earth's raw materials and have geo-magnetic properties, they have a subtle but profound grounding effect on people. The heat and pressure from the stones go deep and helps to relax muscles and provide pain relief.
Custom Massage combining two or more of the styles above can be just what the doctor ordered! Your needs on any given day may respond best to a mixture of approaches.
Pregnancy Massage can be done any time during the term. Special positioning and pillow use allow for optimum comfort and tension relief.
What goes on your skin is important. I use unscented Santa Barbara massage cream, made from three ingredients: olive oil, bees wax, and coconut oil. This wonderful product is preservative and chemical free. Alternative oils can be used you're allergic to any of the ingredients. Essential oils can be added for additional therapeutic qualities.
Aromatherapy with incredible organic, eco-sustainable essential oils from Snow Lotus can enhance your sense of well-being and provide extra balance at no extra charge!